Introducing Pitch 2.0: The future of visual business

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It has been an exciting (and fast) three years since we publicly launched Pitch. Today marks a major milestone as we exceed our original vision to become the complete platform for presentations. Meet Pitch 2.0 — the new standard for how teams can create, collaborate on, deliver, and analyze decks. 

Since 2020, Pitch has been adopted by over one million teams of all sizes. Along the way, we’ve continually expanded on our mission to raise the value of the world’s ideas — celebrating feature releases like our template gallery of custom decks, an asset library, presentation analytics, personalized recordings, and integrations with Slack and Notion

But our UI was looking tired, some teams were struggling with restrictive plans, engagement analytics were hard to access, and users were clamoring for animations. We also knew there was a lot of opportunity around AI and wanted to deliver a future-focused feature with real, lasting value for our users.

It was time for a glow-up.

Jump-start the creation process with AI

Ever wondered how much time you’ve wasted staring at a blank slide? Getting over that initial hurdle in the creation process is often the hardest part. We’ve been aware of this since the early days of Pitch, which is why we launched a gallery of free templates designed by experts.

Our new AI presentation generator takes this idea to the next level. Built to help when the spark isn’t sparking, it’s the fastest way to create decks on any topic. 

To use the free generator on the homepage or in-app, just enter a prompt, select a color palette and font, and voilà — blank slides are magically filled in seconds. You get the same design quality and appeal of our human-crafted templates, but with topic-specific ideas for deck structure, content, and layouts. Generate as many decks as you like, and quickly visualize different slide options, fonts, and color schemes before moving on to more customized editing.

Know what’s working with presentation analytics

Presentation analytics are one of our most powerful, and beloved, features. Insights — like how many people have viewed which slides, and for how long — enable teams to understand who’s engaged, and what part of their messaging is resonating best. But analytics were unavailable to free users, and hard to find for others. 

With Pitch 2.0, we’ve revamped the whole sharing process. The streamlined Share menu enables you to create analytics links, invite others to collaborate on a deck, or export it as a PDF file. And a new links overview page lets you manage all your outreach in one place, so you can quickly share a link, control access, or track who has engaged with each presentation. 

Users can create passcode-protected analytics links for their decks, and personalize the URLs to the recipients. And all teams can now try our analytics tools to experience the value of gathering slide-level data, and learn what’s working (and what’s not).

Wow your audience with animations

We've always been about design excellence, but slides were static when we started out. The only way to add some motion was to embed content like GIFs or videos. So in 2022, we introduced the focus effect as a way to highlight one visual element at a time. Then in 2023, we unlocked a wide range of motion use cases with enter and exit animations to guide your narrative.

Now we’re excited for you to meet continuity, a slide transition that lets you animate related content from one slide to the next — with a single click. Blocks float and shift as you transition between slides, keeping your story flowing and viewers hooked. 

This isn’t just for show (although it’s a great show); the continuity effect also makes complex ideas crystal clear. You can link concepts in the form of text, images, videos, embeds, and shapes to captivate your audience and effortlessly lead them through your presentation.

Share your creative vision with your crowd

Have you noticed that Pitch is looking a little…shinier? Pitch’s UI has received a refresh, from a brand-new icon and intuitive buttons to bright gradients and menus that are easier to navigate. It’s never been faster, or more fun, to create a deck.

And after a conference, class, or burst of creativity, you can now opt to share your presentation publicly with our new duplication button. That way, people can use your deck as a template, get inspired, build on your ideas, and remix the content for their own use.

New plans for every type of team

A lot has changed since our first public launch, and yet our plans have remained the same. Along with today’s release, we’re introducing new packages that better match the value teams are getting with Pitch, so everyone can find the setup that works best for them. 

Formerly known as Starter, the Free plan is ideal for individuals and small teams. Users can work together on an unlimited number of presentations, making use of the AI generator, the brand library, and links to share live presentations. If it wasn’t obvious, the Free plan is — and will always be — free.

Pro has evolved but is still the best plan for people who need to deliver professional decks and collaborate with others. Teams with Pro get unbranded exports, and can upload videos to their brand library. They can also manage version history for presentations, and invite teammates like guests and commenters (a new role in Pitch 2.0) to join their workspace at no additional cost.

The Business plan is perfect for teams that use Pitch to win work. It expands on Pro with even more capacity for commenters and guests. Crucially, it provides full access to presentation analytics, with plenty of links to measure deck engagement.

Enterprise users get all of Pitch’s features, including single sign-on (SSO) and a dedicated customer success manager, at a price that works for their unique use case. You can take a closer look at each plan here.

What does the future hold?

Today marks a major milestone, yes — but it also opens the next chapter of Pitch’s journey. 

We believe the future of business will be visual, and that compelling presentations are the best way to share ideas that capture hearts and change minds. As such, Pitch 2.0 serves as a launchpad to continue redefining how the world connects.

We’ll keep exploring how AI can be leveraged to help you level up your presentations and scale outreach. By incorporating AI and analytics, we’ll create a system that supports ongoing learning and drives demonstrable results.

Of course, design and collaboration will always be at the center of everything we do. From high-fidelity tools on the canvas to immersive motion and audience interactivity, changes in 2024 and beyond will allow teams to share bigger and bolder ideas with dynamic decks that match their ambitions.

As we continue building Pitch, we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts in our community, and sign up for a free account to join us on this journey.

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