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More than 25,000 teams use Pitch

Made for modern teams

The way we work has changed, but presentation software hasn’t. Until now. Pitch helps teams of all sizes do their best work together — in real-time or asynchronously, and across any device.

Fast & beautifulBoost productivity without sacrificing creativity

Pitch gives you all the tools needed to unleash your inner designer. Set up branded templates, or let your imagination run wild with our template gallery. Once you start editing, innovative features will help you save hours.

Collaborative by designCreate, collaborate, and celebrate in one place

When you’re working on projects, feedback is shared, meetings are held, tasks go through assignment and signoff, and great outcomes receive praise. Do all that and more without leaving Pitch.

Powerful & connectedBring all your work together

Pitch works with the tools you already use to help your presentations come alive. Add data, images, GIFs, videos, and more to tell rich and immersive stories. When you’re ready to share, your decks can go anywhere.

  • "I make presentations all day long, and I could not imagine doing it without Pitch. It’s the best of Slides, Keynote, and PowerPoint all in one — plus things that none of these have!"

    Portrait of Rahul Vohra

    Rahul Vohra

    Founder and CEO

  • "Building out presentations in Pitch is a delight. In no time, we collaboratively put together a custom-branded deck that lets every team member shine."

    Portrait of Nadja Benes

    Nadja Benes

    Customer Success Lead

  • "With Pitch, we are collaborating much more effectively which has had a big impact on our branding consistency. It feels like we have superpowers now!"

    Portrait of Thomas Goijarts

    Thomas Goijarts

    Co-founder and CEO

  • "Pitch empowers our entire company to create stunning, modular presentations in a more efficient and collaborative way than anything we've tried before"

    Portrait of Jeremy Cai

    Jeremy Cai

    Founder and CEO

  • "Our presentations have to live up to our high standards for product design. Pitch allows us to create internal and external assets that look amazing, without spending hours on it."

    Portrait of Christian Eggert

    Christian Eggert

    Founder and CEO

  • "With Pitch, my team can easily create, share, and organize beautiful sales presentations. And it was so easy to adopt. I cannot imagine going back to anything else."

    Portrait of Sara Archer

    Sara Archer

    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • "Pitch offers a breadth of features that enables design consistency, content accessibility, and team collaboration. With the number of projects we have on the go, there's no better feeling than turning a deck around quickly without compromising on quality."

    Portrait of Jonah Cait

    Jonah Cait

    VP, Strategy & Product

  • "With Pitch, we can finally collaborate on presentations without all the hassle — like different operating systems, missing fonts and out-of-date templates."

    Portrait of Robert Glaser

    Robert Glaser

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • “Pitch has become a core part of our toolchain. It removes all the friction we used to have to keep our slides aligned and beautiful, to share them, and collaborate on our ideas."

    Portrait of Christophe Pasquier

    Christophe Pasquier

    Founder and CEO

  • "Great presentations are the result of a collaborative effort through feedback and iterations. You can clearly see that the Pitch team knows that. Smart features and details empower everyone to create great and well-designed presentations in a playful way."

    Portrait of Manuel Bruschi

    Manuel Bruschi

    Founder and CEO