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PowerPoint made presentations digital. In the ’80s. Now, Pitch makes presentations work for modern, fast-growing teams.

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Why modern teams switch to Pitch

Replace file duplicates with a source of truth

PowerPoint files live in multiple folders, resulting in version chaos and access issues. With Pitch, everyone can work together in real time, in one shared space.

Build decks for impact with one tool

No need for additional tools to manage brand assets, record videos, track presentation views, or publish decks online. Everything you need to make beautiful slides fast is built right into Pitch.

Create unlimited presentations for free

Unlike Microsoft 365, Pitch doesn’t force you to buy into a complex and expensive system. Just sign up for free, then invite your stakeholders to collaborate on any presentation.

How does Pitch stack up against PowerPoint?

Most of us learned how to use PowerPoint in elementary school, but few of us like using it every day. Pitch makes building presentations a joy, not a chore. Here’s how.

  • Easy-to-use editor with smart features and shortcuts

  • Professionally designed templates with a story structure

  • Best-practice examples to inspire your next business deck

  • Built-in features to assign slides, comment, and collaborate

  • Custom fonts always visible and editable in any presentation

  • An overwhelming number of features, tabs, and views

  • Basic presentation templates with blank placeholders

  • Outdated slide examples scattered across the web or SlideShare

  • Comments recorded across files, emails, and PDFs

  • Custom fonts often lost or not editable

Why is presentation design so hard?

It doesn’t have to be. Pitch is purposely built to make slide design effortless, so you can spend your time crafting your story instead of aligning boxes. Our editor supports your every click, ensuring your slides are tidy, beautiful, and on-brand.

Can someone help me with this slide, please?

They sure can! Just invite them to collaborate. No more PDF annotations, no more final-final-v2.pptx files that are too big to email. Pitch has a built-in review process with slide statuses, assignments, comments, reactions, and relevant notifications that keep your entire team up to date.

What if someone moves my file?

We’ve all experienced version control chaos. With Pitch, all your presentations, custom fonts, images, and more live online, in one place. No broken links or missing fonts — just smooth collaboration.

How can we keep all our decks on brand?

A stronger brand means a stronger business. In Pitch, all pre-approved brand assets — like templates, fonts, colors, images, and videos — are centralized in one shared library. This way, all workspace members can always build consistent slides that reinforce your brand.

Can I deliver my deck without being in the room (or Zoom)?

No problem. In Pitch, you can easily record bite-sized video clips to narrate each slide and create engaging presentations that can be watched and rewatched — anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

Can I export a PDF to track views when I share the deck?

Yes — but there’s an even better way! With Pitch, you don’t need to export anything or plug in a third-party link. Pitch Pro allows you to create custom links for sharing your presentations with different groups. Check who’s viewed your deck using built-in presentation analytics to know exactly when to follow up.

I can create my style guide with custom fonts and edit templates quickly — and way more effectively — than with PowerPoint or Keynote. Pitch is enabling us to build a foundation that other people can work from.

Learn how Lumos raised $30M with Pitch

Brando Vasquez, Branding and Design Lead

Easily edit exported PowerPoint files in Pitch

Start by exporting your PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote presentation as a .pptx. Then create your free Pitch account, and import your file to start editing. You can also export your Pitch presentations back into a .pptx file.

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Showcase your big idea with the perfect template

Searching for inspiration? We have templates for team updates, sales pitches, all-hands meetings, and more. With multiple presentation styles to choose from, you're just a few clicks away from making them look uniquely yours.

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