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Struggling to start your presentation? Getting over that initial hurdle in the creation process is often the hardest part. Enter Pitch’s AI generator, which was built to help when the spark isn’t sparking. Within seconds of entering a prompt, you’ll have a complete deck draft to work from — so you can focus on refining it to impress your audience.

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Generate decks on any topic

It doesn’t matter whether you’re putting together a funding deck or creating a fresh product proposal. Type in your prompt, click start, and watch as the AI generator creates a stunning series of relevant slides. You get the same design quality and appeal of our human-crafted templates, but with topic-specific ideas for deck structure, content, and layouts. 

Generate as many decks as you like, and quickly visualize different slide options, fonts, and color schemes before moving on to more customized editing.

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Perfect your draft’s design and content

It’s time to go from draft to polished deck. Infuse slides with your brand in Pitch’s editor, where you can easily customize colors, upload unique fonts, swap images, and more. Also explore the Layouts tab to seamlessly incorporate predesigned slides that align with your presentation’s generated style.

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How to use the AI presentation maker

To use the free AI deck generator, visit pitch.com or log in to your Pitch account. After entering a prompt, voilà — blank slides are magically filled in seconds. Play around with slide options, fonts, and colors until you’re happy, then click Start editing to polish your presentation. 

Learn how to create a presentation with AI

Frequently asked questions

  • An AI-powered presentation maker leverages artificial intelligence to generate decks. Pitch’s unique generator combines AI with our expert-designed slide layouts for infinitely flexible, beautiful presentations. After you enter a prompt, the tool generates a series of slides based on that input in just a few seconds.

  • Yes, Pitch’s AI generator is free. If you want to enjoy Pitch’s other advanced features, like tracking your presentation’s impact, inviting guests, seeing version history, or exporting unbranded PDFs, you can easily upgrade to a paid plan.

  • Yes, Pitch’s AI-generated presentations are completely customizable. Once you’ve put in your prompt, you can choose from a selection of color palettes and font styles. To make the deck yours, click Start editing and upload your own brand colors, custom fonts, images, and more. You can also use the Layouts tab to add slides that match the generated presentation’s style.

  • There are multiple ways to share your AI-generated deck in Pitch. You can download your presentation as a PPTX or PDF, create a basic link that anyone can access, or generate analytics links to gain insights into how your audience is engaging with your deck. You can also enable duplication to allow others to copy and remix your decks for their own use.

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