Raising the value of the world’s ideas

In today’s visually saturated world, you’re judged by the way you show up.

Whether you’re a business striving to stay relevant or an individual prepping for a job interview, your success depends on how you present yourself.

That presentation, of course, starts with an idea. But bridging the gap between the power of your imagination and the ability to turn it into reality isn’t always easy.

Enter Pitch.

Life’s a Pitch

If the future of business is visual, presentations are the best way to turn an idea in your head into a movement that captures hearts and changes minds.

Today’s tools and formats stifle creativity, encourage dull voiceover monologues, and are shared as dead documents. To break free from these constraints, you need technical and design skills — and a lot of time.

Or, at least, that used to be true.

We’ve rebuilt the medium of presentations from the ground up to enable freedom of expression and creative collaboration. With Pitch, teams can create compelling stories in the blink of an eye, turn static documents into dynamic assets, and literally see their ideas succeed.

In a high-stakes, high-visibility world, we’re giving your ideas a greater chance to connect and come to life.

In 2018, a team of eight friends started Pitch with the ambition to raise the value of the world’s ideas — and to make work more fun. These principles guide everything we build, and how we work together to this day.

Our roots are in Berlin, and in our attention to detail and quality, we’re proudly “Made in Germany.” But our presence is global: We’re a remote-first company, so you can be a part of our team and use our tool from anywhere.

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