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Getting started with Pitch

New to Pitch? Learn how to create beautiful decks, collaborate with your team, and share your work.

Remy Soni leads the Community Support team at Pitch.

Creating presentations with AI

Jump-start your presentations with AI, write effective prompts, and go from draft to final deck.

Kevin Cannon is a design manager at Pitch.

Creating a sales deck that sells

Get field-tested guidance for building and delivering a sales presentation that boosts close rates.

Sara Archer is VP of Sales at ChartMogul. She has 10+ years of experience building high-performing sales departments.

Enabling your team with a template

Learn how to craft an on-brand template from a designer responsible for creating 3,000+ decks.

Zach Grosser is the owner of Zacht Studios, a presentation design agency focused on corporate storytelling and fundraising.

Delivering a persuasive pitch

Discover science-based marketing techniques to craft presentations that move minds.

Phill Agnew is the host of Nudge, the UK’s #1 marketing podcast. He also has experience marketing products like Buffer and Hotjar.

Winning investors with the perfect pitch

Receive pitching advice from a founder and investor who’s been on both sides of the table.

Jessica Holzbach is a fintech-focused serial entrepreneur and angel investor. She’s currently building Pile after exiting Penta to Qonto in 2022.

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