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Level up your presentation skills with video lessons from experts in sales, design, marketing, and leadership.

Creating a sales deck that sells

Get field-tested guidance for building and delivering a sales presentation that boosts close rates.

Sara Archer is VP of Sales at ChartMogul. She has 10+ years of experience building high-performing sales departments.

Enabling your team with a template

Learn how to craft an on-brand template from a designer responsible for creating 3,000+ decks.

Zach Grosser is the owner of Zacht Studios, a presentation design agency focused on corporate storytelling and fundraising.

Delivering a persuasive pitch

Discover science-based marketing techniques to craft presentations that move minds.

Phill Agnew is the host of Nudge, the UK’s #1 marketing podcast. He also has experience marketing products like Buffer and Hotjar.

Winning investors with the perfect pitch

Receive pitching advice from a founder and investor who’s been on both sides of the table.

Jessica Holzbach is a fintech-focused serial entrepreneur and angel investor. She’s currently building Pile after exiting Penta to Qonto in 2022.

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