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With Pitch’s video presentation maker, teams can record bite-size clips to their slides and create engaging presentations that can be watched and rewatched — anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

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Close deals faster with personalized recordings

Keep your prospects engaged and informed by adding video recordings to your pitch decks. Recordings make it easy to deliver your presentation with clarity and precision — you can go into as much detail as you want on features, benefits, or technical details. And with async sharing, you can explain your proposal, implementation guide, or action plan at any time without scheduling conflicts or time zone issues.

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Say it better with video presentations

Need to communicate complex ideas to colleagues across geographies and time zones? A recorded video presentation offers more context (and personality). With our video presentation maker, you can train your team asynchronously or create resources to enhance their productivity and performance. No need to worry about scheduling or internet connections — your presentation will come across loud and clear, whenever and wherever your teammates choose to view it.

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Why record video presentations?

Capture your viewers' attention with easy-to-use video

Create engaging presentations without having to combine tools or memorize your entire pitch. Deliver expressive video narratives that can be consumed anytime, at multiple speeds, on any device.

Maximize your impact with flexible, reusable video recordings

Record once — and then use your dynamic slides or decks multiple times. You can re-record, touch up, or completely change the design of a slide even after a recording has been added.

Present your best thinking together — anytime, anywhere

Stand out with collaborative video storytelling that gives every stakeholder a voice. Move beyond meetings by delivering decks that can be watched (and rewatched) when it’s most convenient.

How to record a presentation with Pitch

Creating a video presentation with Pitch is easy. Just sign up for free, and then click on Record to add a recording block to your slide. Press Start recording, and wait for the three-second countdown to begin talking. When you're done, hit Stop and then Save to automatically upload your take.

Need to redo a recording? No problem — just click Edit take and then Create new take. Use the drop-down menu at the top of your slide to review your recordings and choose the best one.

When you’re ready to share your video presentation, simply invite others to your workspace, create a public or custom link, or embed the deck online.

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Record your presentations with these templates

Our library is full of beautifully designed presentation templates with slides that integrate recordings. Take your pick, and create an engaging video presentation that your audience can consume anytime, anywhere, on any platform, and at any playback speed.

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Pitch removes all the friction we used to have to keep our slides aligned and beautiful, to share them, and collaborate on our ideas.

Christophe Pasquier, Founder and CEO

Frequently asked questions

  • Our video presentation maker is a feature you can use to produce dynamic slide decks. Members of a workspace can add short video recordings to their slides and share the presentation with anyone for easy playback.

  • Yes, recording a presentation on Pitch is free with the Starter plan. If you want to enjoy Pitch’s advanced features, like adding prerecorded video files, tracking your presentation sharing, inviting guests, creating custom links, seeing version history, or exporting unbranded PDFs, you need to upgrade to a Pro account.

  • When recording your presentation with Pitch, you can use several features to enhance your experience. To add recordings on multiple slides, just manually navigate to the next slide when you're ready. If you need to pause your recording to take a break, check your notes, or gather your thoughts, press Pause. You can click on Resume if you want to continue recording the current take. If you make a mistake, press Discard to delete your take and reset the recording. Restarting your recording will trigger a three-second countdown, giving you an extra moment to prepare. When you've finished a take and want to upload it to your slide, press Stop. Then click on Save to go back to the editor.

  • Takes are visible to all members with editing access to your presentation. You can delete takes individually so nobody (including you) can see them anymore. Any takes on a slide are still accessible after a recording block has been deleted. To see them, just add a new recording block. Others who view your presentation can’t see any bloopers or unused takes. They only see the selected, polished take of each recording block.

  • There’s no hard limit to the number of recordings or takes you can make on Pitch — so record away!

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