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If you’re anything like us, most of your team communication happens in Slack — but you're collaborating on projects in other tools as well. To keep your teamwork in sync, you need these channels to talk to each other. That’s why today, we're introducing our new Pitch app for Slack.

It’s easy to create together in Pitch: You can mention your teammates in comments, assign them slides, or marshal progress with slide statuses. But when your teammates close Pitch, how can you drive your presentation forward? They might see an email notifying them of updates — if they check their email (for me, that happens once a day at most). Likewise, continuing a discussion in Slack can make it difficult for others to stay in the loop. 

With the Pitch app for Slack, your team always has a clear overview of a deck’s status and knows when and where they’re needed. They can see slide previews, comments and mentions, invitations to decks and workspaces, and notifications about slide assignments — all right in Slack. 

Catch your teammates’ eyes with presentation previews

Let’s face it: Slides are better showcased with eye-catching images than simple links. When you share your presentation in Slack, it now displays a large preview of the slide you’ve linked. Your whole team can catch a glimpse of your beautiful deck, whether you’re asking them to create slides, leave a comment, or review your latest thinking. These previews are even visible to colleagues who haven’t yet signed up for Pitch, making it easier to share your work with any team.

We’ve always got our eye on security, though, and this release is no different. To protect your private work, presentation links in Slack only display a preview when they’re shared by someone with access to the deck.

Streamline conversations with quick replies

Teams often comment on specific slides to make design suggestions, leave feedback on content, ask for input, or pull an expert into the conversation. But when your team lives in Slack, there’s a chance the recipient won’t see the comment for a while.

The Pitch app for Slack makes conversations more connected and visible. When you receive a mention or comment in Pitch, it creates a new conversation under Apps in the Slack sidebar. The comment appears alongside a preview of the relevant slide, so you get the full context of the message. Even better? You can fire off a reply directly from Slack, so you’re always able to reach — and be reached by — your teammates, even when they don’t have the presentation open.

Accept invitations to work on new decks

The Pitch app for Slack lists all the invitations you’ve received, whether they’re requests to collaborate on a presentation or join another Pitch workspace. When a new invitation pops up, you can quickly accept it with one click. Then, you can jump straight into the fun stuff and start creating stunning decks with your teammates. 

Along with invitations, you’ll also see any slides that have been assigned to you. A preview image of the slide will show up too. This means you can instantly judge the work involved — does the slide need to be created from scratch or just given some design polish?

Stay connected with your team

We believe teams should be able to choose the best tools for every problem — and that they shouldn’t have to worry about disjointed workflows. Earlier this year, we launched a Notion integration, and we’re delighted to follow it with the Pitch app for Slack. This release brings notifications, comments, and previews directly into your Slack workspace to make seamless collaboration easier than ever. 

We’d love to know how your team works together, and how this release helps you stay connected. Join our community (also in Slack!) to share your thoughts.

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