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Just 2.5 years after our public launch, we’ve hit a major milestone: As of today, one million workspaces have been created in Pitch to build beautiful decks that drive engagement and win work. To celebrate our growth — and the successes of our users — we’re highlighting a few of the different types of teams that use Pitch.

From creative agencies to software companies, these five teams are, as one community member recently put it, embracing “modern solutions to modern problems” to come out on top. Get inspired by their great work, and learn their tips and tricks for making a deck that shines.

Turning nondesigners into designers

Butchershop shares this intro deck before a call to showcase their brand and vision to clients.

Butchershop is a San Francisco–based global branding agency with 600 people in their group. They’ve worked on creative briefs, rebrands, and growth projects to drive breakout success for companies like Nike, Zenefits, and Paddle. The agency is chock-full of creatives — but that doesn’t mean everyone’s a graphic designer.

The thing is, presentations are Butchershop’s currency. Decks are how the agency brings ideas to life internally, and how they deliver work to clients. So being able to design a beautiful deck is important.

Trevor Hubbard, Butchershop’s CEO, was frustrated. He and the team were using Google Slides to create presentations, but the interface “obviously wasn’t created with an eye for aesthetics.“ Decks were constantly getting lost in the Drive, and for the nondesigners on the team, making attractive presentations involved multiple people to assemble, write, and design the content. 

With Pitch, Trevor found, anyone can easily mimic the qualities of a great designer. The UI is intuitive and inspiring, so every member of the team can create a sleek deck — and have fun in the process — whether it’s for a final deliverable or just to update each other internally. Keeping presentations organized and consistent is also effortless with folders and the fact that everything’s in the cloud.

Now, there’s even some friendly competition over who’s making the coolest decks. The bottom line, says Trevor, is that “Pitch enables creative companies to communicate their ideas better.”

Driving engagement in the marketing funnel

Founded by renowned product leader Ravi Mehta, Outpace provides professionals with guided career development programs to help them rise to the ranks of the world’s top performers.

Michelle Kwok, their Head of Community Growth, has been creating decks in Pitch since it was in beta, “for everything I possibly can”: Take-home assignments. Cover letters. Acquisitions. Birthdays. Content marketing. Speaking engagements. You name it — she’s done it in Pitch. So when Michelle joined Outpace and saw their existing Canva deck, she knew Pitch could elevate the team’s design.

Outpace uses Pitch to create lead magnet decks that are embedded on their website.

The team was impressed and quickly adopted Pitch. The decks they’ve since created have become an important acquisition channel in their marketing strategy. They’re often transformed into lead magnets, as an innovative way of collecting prospects’ contact information — and tracking their engagement. “I like using Pitch for lead magnets,” Michelle says, “because you can see how many views you’re getting and when you’re getting them.”

Once the team has done the hard work of collating the research and writing the content, putting the decks together in Pitch is a breeze; they already have beautiful templates that keep everything consistent. “It’s game-changing for us,” notes Ravi. “We haven’t even thought about going back. Pitch is more powerful, easier to use, and more collaborative.”

Building (and maintaining) consistent branding

As an executive recruitment firm for hyper-growth and VC-backed companies, Daversa Partners has worked with thousands of well-known brands. Decks are a key part of their communication toolkit, and it’s important that the materials they share are unified in look and feel. But the company has nearly 200 employees across 15+ teams. So how do they stay consistent? 

With Keynote, that was impossible — creating decks together was “painful,” says Nicole Daversa, VP of Marketing and Communications. It wasn’t user friendly and hampered collaboration. Inevitably, the teams’ decks all looked different and lacked cohesion. To address this issue, a lot of precious time was spent on internal training and troubleshooting design issues. 

“Pitch has been life-changing. It has helped us optimize our teams’ workflows and strengthen brand cohesiveness across all our marketing channels.”
Nicole Daversa, Daversa Partners

Daversa adopted Pitch across the entire firm to foster better collaboration and further brand unity. Now, Pitch is so ingrained into their workflows that it has become a training touchpoint for new starters. 

With their teams using branded templates from the get-go, they can deliver a consistent identity and style, even as they simultaneously work across dozens of verticals. “Pitch has been life-changing,” says Nicole. “It has helped us optimize our teams’ workflows and strengthen brand cohesiveness across all our marketing channels.”

Tracking the impact of commercial proposals

Myth's reference deck includes information about the team, their work, and key services.

With a small but mighty team of 8, animation house Myth has created visual assets for some big companies, including Budweiser, Fanta, and Mars. Agency life involves sending out proposal decks to lots of prospective clients, and Google Slides wasn’t cutting it. 

The team’s main annoyance? They couldn’t send a single proposal to multiple prospects. Instead, they had to duplicate their reference deck hundreds of times so potential clients wouldn’t see each other’s contact details. This wasn’t just time-consuming and messy; it also posed a GDPR risk if things got mixed up. There had to be a better way.

There are a number of reasons Jimmy Gordon, Myth’s Business Development Director, loves Pitch: the “healthy” GIF size limit, handy collaboration features, and “tip-top customer service.” But custom links are what really stole his heart: “As soon as I saw the Share button, it was an instant yes for me. Custom links have been a game changer.” 

The team now creates all their commercial decks in Pitch through a streamlined process: Jimmy builds the basis of a proposal from a template, their producer drops in costs, and their creative director fills in the design content. They can securely send decks to multiple prospects using separate passcode-protected links, and can analyze the impact with presentation analytics — all while keeping their workspace nice and neat.

Empowering a scaling sales team

Primer’s scalable sales deck features embedded recordings that provide details, context, and personality.

With Primer, less is more. The no-code payments platform strives to be the simplest way for online businesses to build beautiful buying experiences for their customers. Their fully remote company operates across the globe, catering to clients from travel to retail to online gaming. 

Chris Jacques, Head of Sales Enablement, works alongside a growing team of salespeople, a BDR, and solutions engineers who prize innovation, speed, and efficiency. They use decks internally for roadmaps, all-hands meetings, and training materials. And, of course, they use external-facing decks to sell their product in every phase of the cycle.

At the heart of their sales motion is a client-centric deck template that outlines the problems in the market and how Primer solves them. Chris worked with designers to build the template, which now serves as the blueprint for every sales deck at Primer, including RFPs, commercial proposals, and technical overviews.

“The sales deck template makes it easier for my team to do their job,” says Chris. “I mean, click duplicate, think about what you're trying to go through with your merchant, delete the slides you don't need — and boom, you're ready for a presentation in an hour.”

To learn more about how Pitch helps Chris enable his sales team, check out our latest customer story.

A million and you

Teams like these have created one million workspaces in Pitch. Our software is purpose-built to scale as you grow, whether your workspace is a 1-person team collaborating with external clients or 200 people working together within the same company.

How are you using Pitch? To unify your brand? Track the impact of commercial decks? Let us know in our community, check out our presentation gallery for more inspiration — and if you haven’t already, sign up for a free account.

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