7 design portfolio examples that win work


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelancer or a full-fledged agency — in the world of design, your portfolio is your prospects’ main window to your work. But creating a personal presentation or a company creds deck isn’t just an effective method of winning new business and ensuring a good fit. It’s also a way to share your approach, values, and interests to inspire others, network, and forge lasting collaborative relationships. That’s why we’re highlighting seven design portfolio examples to accompany the launch of our Creative Portfolios collection.

These decks demonstrate how teams and individuals across different industries are using Pitch to present their projects, culture, manifestos, and more. Let them spark your imagination, and discover tips and templates to help you start building your own creative showcase.

1. Koto

According to Koto’s website, their namesake is a Japanese word describing an emotional experience that goes beyond pure aesthetics. That’s Koto’s motto: Create work that looks good and makes you feel something. The first few slides of Koto’s deck visually set the stage for their design direction and expertise — they’ve worked with some of the biggest companies and pluckiest startups on brand and digital projects. Using bento box–style slide layouts to share a range of visuals without it feeling overwhelming, Koto lets their case studies speak for themselves. Sections dedicated to projects for Bolt, Whatsapp, and Airtasker feature logos, animations, digital mockups, copy, and more to highlight the breadth of their skills.

This modern, customizable design portfolio template contains ample space to organize your work and share your accomplishments with prospective clients.

2. Here

Here’s creds deck is a narrative that weaves together past, present, and future. We’re greeted by a futuristic visual and succinct About section, which leads into a slide highlighting the agency’s B-corp certification — an indication of their commitment to social and environmental issues. Right off the bat, we have insight into Here’s work and values. Up next are their case studies, which include historical context on projects with the likes of Glenfiddich and The Balvenie. Sci-fiesque animations play on tradition to reinterpret the brands for the present day. The deck culminates with Here’s work on London Craft Week, where we come full circle to the same futuristic visuals used at the start.

A portfolio isn’t just a vehicle to deliver your creative work — it informs how people understand that work, and is a project in its own right. Tell a story with ethereal visual elements like the ones in our versatile Prisma and concept proposal templates, or draw inspiration from this marketing proposal’s dreamy animations.

3. Studio Treble

Studio Treble’s skills in graphic, digital, and motion design are underscored from the get-go. Their cover slide puts the spotlight on a sophisticated animation that unfolds into a colorful, structured deck featuring the team, their practice, standout work examples, and cost estimates to kick off a conversation. Discussing pricing isn’t always a step creatives want to take upfront, but Studio Treble’s openness and transparency about their process can build confidence with prospects who appreciate attention to detail. The team’s deck makes it clear they’ll deliver, from initial immersion through ideation to final rollout.

To create a bold visual language with recurring colors and shapes like Studio Treble, try this personal branding pitch deck — or use this design agency pitch deck to share your approach, showcase your work and milestones, lay out pricing details, and highlight client testimonials. 

4. David Bonàs

This personal portfolio helped land David Bonàs the role of Head of Brand Design at Pitch. David’s broad and impressive experience is presented through case studies that don’t just show the final output, but delve into his own contribution toward each project. While agency work often assumes full ownership, individual portfolios can benefit from this kind of context-setting. David’s slides also explain the thinking behind the direction and decisions he made, acting like a beautiful and highly engaging CV.

Similarly, designer Emiland De Cubber got his first job thanks to a presentation. Adapted from his personal CV, this modern resume template can serve as a springboard to help you land your dream job. You could also consider using recordings to enhance your portfolio with personality and provide context for your work. 

5. Planes

Planes’ portfolio deck sets the tone with a compelling pitch: It outlines the challenges businesses face, and how the agency fits into that landscape as a solution. It then backs up this claim with an overview of the team’s process, stats, project types, and expertise. The deck demonstrates each of these facets through case studies, which go beyond pure visuals — Planes includes the impact of their campaign launches in terms of downloads and reach, creating confidence in their work and success. The overall deck design feels both contemporary and nostalgic, in a way that’s firmly grounded in the space between reality and imagination.

Are you a fan of ’90s aesthetics? Take a design cue from our Made in the '90s template with its black and white grid, pastel colors, geometric shapes, and hairy patterns (RIP MTV).

6. Forty Eight Point One

Forty Eight Point One’s deck begins with their origin story, which in turn acts as an introduction to their creative approach. Rather than jumping directly into case studies, they have a nice segue slide that lists some of the names they’ve worked with, along with a short blurb on why those partners were a match made in heaven — because Forty Eight Point One gravitates toward brands that are future-facing and undertaking transformational projects. They then highlight work examples, from digital products to copy and lifestyle campaigns, deftly conveying a sense of their scope in the process.

This free architecture portfolio template can easily be adapted to any creative field. Use it to introduce yourself to potential clients, share your philosophy and approach, and showcase your best work.

7. Letterboy

Letterboy’s deck is a great example of a portfolio-slash-think piece from an individual. It unveils the brain behind the brand — the person, his design process, and his past work. Offering a detailed look into hand-drawn type, the presentation is, in a way, a love letter to the medium and its benefits in the digital age. It draws viewers into Letterboy’s world, so they can understand his work in context and pause to appreciate the time and effort it takes to create unique fonts and flourishes by hand.

With multiple slide layouts to showcase your achievements, this bold design portfolio template is flexible enough to work for any visual creative, from graphic designers and illustrators to architects and fashion designers.

Get started on your winning portfolio

Your portfolio is your ticket to connecting with potential clients and collaborators. As we’ve seen, portfolios can take many shapes and focus on different parts of their creators’ story: the team, approach, areas of expertise, unique selling points, key stats, pricing, process, and, of course, examples of amazing work. 

The creative possibilities are endless. That said, with any portfolio, it’s good practice to include contact info and a CTA at the end. You can also tap into presentation analytics to learn what’s resonating, so you can iterate and improve on your materials going forward.

With the launch of Pitch 2.0 and our new AI generator, creating an impressive showcase of your work is faster than ever. Have you built a portfolio using Pitch? Let us know in our community, so we can add it to our collection of creative portfolios. For more inspiration, check out our presentation gallery — and if you haven’t already, sign up for a free account and join over one million teams who are using Pitch to raise the value of their ideas.

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