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Constant Change


The way we work

In a world where nothing seems certain, we can be sure of one thing: History repeats itself. In this chapter, we explore how fundamental parts of our modern working world have changed forever, and take a trip back to the past to help us prepare for the future.

  • Office 2.0 | The end of an era

    Once upon a time, going to work meant going to the office. In many ways, work and the office were synonymous. What shape will work take in our lives now that it finds itself in new physical confines?

  • Remote work | Is it realistic to be remote?

    Even though many of us are just getting the hang of working from home, we have to consider how our new reality will reshape the way we work in years to come. But is it realistic to be remote?

  • Meetings | Here’s my Calendly link

    Why do we have meetings in the first place, and why have they become so (un)popular today? And now that we’re living in a time when meetings happen over Zoom and not in the boardroom, could we ever truly become async?

  • Communication | The art of non-verbal texting

    Today, water cooler chats happen over Slack. Feedback comes in the form of comments on Google Docs and Figma files. When so much of our work conversation happens online, what does how we text say about us?


Let’s talk teams

How forward-thinking companies are tackling the unique challenges of collaborating and communicating in our post-pandemic world, from working together remotely to building cohesive company culture from many miles away.

  • Collaboration | Teamwork & workflows

    The unbearable sadness of Zoom happy hours. Even with all the tech in the world, can we really work together online if we didn’t even know how to work together in the same room?

  • Productivity | The more you work, the more you work

    The shift to more remote working styles means productivity is increasingly about the work produced, not the hours put in. But is this flexibility coming at the cost of collaboration?

  • Teamwork | I hope we meet IRL someday

    What if the job you start in 2020 is your very first job? What's it like to start your career remotely, without water cooler chat and obligatory Friday pizzas?

  • Diversity & inclusion | We can do it!

    If previous global crises are anything to learn from, the one silver lining waiting for us at the end of this pandemic might be a more diverse workforce. But whether we reach that is up to us.


No more 9-to-5

Mahogany desks and secretaries, boardrooms, water coolers...all the vestiges we once associated with office life have become obsolete. With the office as we know it becoming a more distant memory each day, all we’re thinking is, what will work look like now?

  • Productivity | Late for work

    "Alexa, what does it mean to punch the clock?” The notion of a traditional 40-hour work week is quickly becoming replaced. But by what exactly? And how will we measure productivity if not in time?

  • Automation | Well, robots can’t get sick

    Social distancing means many companies need to find ways to get work done with as few (human) workers physically present as possible. So, why not automate everything?

  • WFH | IKEA catalog 2021: Home office edition

    A look at how working from home full-time could impact our health, wealth, and families (for better and for worse). Homeschooling and lumbar pillows, here we come.

  • Freelancing | The gig is up

    We started by crowdsourcing transportation, but now the gig economy is often about crowdsourcing labor. As the hiring pool becomes increasingly reliant on contractors, will the future of work be fueled by freelancers?