15 great pitch deck examples from successful startups

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You have a brilliant idea that’s going to change the world. Now, to transform your idea into reality, you’ll need to drum up interest — and money. This is where the art of pitching and fundraising comes in.

These skills are crucial for any startup founder. In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, they often have to be learned on the fly.

This article will give you a quick overview of how other companies have built compelling decks to raise funding at every stage, from pre-seed to Series C. We’ve rounded up 15 successful pitch deck examples from female-founded startups to help get your creative juices flowing (and secure that term sheet). We’ve also included professionally designed presentation templates that you can use to start crafting your own deck.

1. Stytch

Year: 2021

Stage: Series B

Amount: $90M

Investors: Index Ventures, Benchmark, Coatue, and more

Stytch calls itself “the authentication platform for developers.” Founded in 2020, the company is leading the transition to a passwordless world to improve user experience and security across the internet.

2. Nylas

Year: 2021

Stage: Series C

Amount: $120M

Investors: Bossanova Investimentos, Tiger Global Management, 8VC, and more

Nylas is all about efficiency. In short, it “makes software work better.” Hundreds of thousands of developers around the world use Nylas to quickly and securely build email, scheduling, and work automation features into their applications.

3. Front

Year: 2020

Stage: Series C

Amount: $59M

Investors: Eric Yuan, Frederic Kerrest, Jared Smith, and more

Front is a leading customer communication hub that helps companies offer tailor-made service at scale. Over 7,000 organizations including Shopify, Airbnb, and Hulu trust Front to scale customer communication.

4. Softr

Year: 2022

Stage: Series A

Amount: $13.5M

Investors: FirstMark, Atlantic Labs, Scott Belsky, and more

Softr’s mission is to empower the 99% of the world who cannot code to create custom apps. It enables people with great ideas to build websites, marketplaces, online communities, and more in just minutes — no code necessary.

5. Catch

Year: 2021

Stage: Series A

Amount: $12M

Investors: Khosla Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Nyca Partners, and more

Catch is the first and only personal payroll and benefits product for freelancers and self-employed workers. The company’s goal is to put people at the center of their own financial stability and security.

6. Ledgy

Year: 2021

Stage: Series A

Amount: $10M

Investors: Sequoia Capital, btov Partners, Creathor Ventures, and more

Ledgy offers fast and simple equity solutions for international teams. It makes life easier by helping companies engage employees and investors as they scale.

7. Morty

Year: 2021

Stage: Series B

Amount: $25M

Investors: March Capital, Bossanova Investimentos, FJ Labs, and more

Morty is an online mortgage marketplace that’s changing the way people buy homes. Their mission is to revolutionize the outdated mortgage industry with a streamlined digital experience.

Use our simple pitch deck to confidently pitch your idea and catch the attention of investors.

8. Beelinguapp

Year: 2020

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: $1.1M

Investors: Joyance Partners, EquityPitcher Ventures

Beelinguapp is an award-winning app that helps people acquire languages naturally by reading and listening to audiobooks, news, and songs. It uses the parallel texts method to unlock the brain's natural ability to learn languages in context.

9. Remi

Year: 2021

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: €1.2M

Investors: btov Partners, Rolf Schromgens, Tim Schuhmacher, and more

Remi helps remote and distributed teams connect easily and effectively. The platform centers on daily and weekly asynchronous team-building rituals. By forming habits through repeated interactions and nudges, teams can build culture in the same way that exercise builds muscle.

10. Lago

Year: 2021

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: $125K

Investors: Y Combinator, Julien Codorniou

Lago is an open-source billing platform backed by Y Combinator. It caters to usage-based pricing, subscriptions, and everything in between.

11. The Plate

Year: 2021

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: $1.3M

Investors: Village Global, GE Ventures, FoodLab

The Plate is a culinary creator platform that focuses on livestreams. Chefs, food entrepreneurs, and food lovers from around the world can use the service’s engaging features to share their expertise and build a subscription business.

12. Passionfroot

Year: 2021

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: €3M

Investors: Creandum, Chris Murphy, Johannes Reck, and more

Passionfroot empowers creators to be “the independent companies of tomorrow.” Their no-code tool helps to sell productized services, save time, and consolidate workflows.

13. clare&me

Year: 2022

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: €1M

Investors: Antler, YZR Venture Capital, Hans Raffauf, and more

clare&me is a virtual mental health coach startup. The company’s first product is Clare: an AI-powered companion that supports people with symptoms of anxiety or mild depression via phone call and messaging.

14. Exakt Health

Year: 2021

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: $500K

Investors: BackBone Ventures, Possible Ventures, Maximilian Tayenthal, and more

Exakt Health provides easy access to professional physiotherapy to treat sports injuries in the EU and UK.

15. Perfeggt

Year: 2022

Stage: Pre-seed

Amount: €1.1M

Investors: Eric Quidenus-Wahlforss, Verena Pausder, Deepali Nangia, and more

Perfeggt is a Berlin-based foodtech company that specializes in the research, development, and production of plant-based egg alternatives. Their mission is to contribute to a caring and ambitiously kind food system.

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