Made for teams. Built for anything.

Pitch keeps your team’s work on-brand, on message, and on time. Innovative features make creating and sharing your work feel effortless.

Get started with professional templates

Let our gallery of custom-crafted templates inspire your next presentation. It’s easy to take one of our templates and make it yours.

Stay on-brand with slide styles

Say goodbye to missing fonts and clashing colors. Add your assets to Pitch and keep every presentation beautifully consistent. Your designers will thank you.

Create templates for everything

Save everything as a template — pitch decks, sales decks, all-hands meetings, you name it. Give your team exactly what they need to make their next presentation in record time.

Work, meet, play

Collaborating can be messy. Most tools force you to figure out workarounds that slow you down. With Pitch, working together is effortless.

Work through ideas face to face (to face, to face)

Bump into a coworker from the comfort of your couch. With live video collaboration, you can discuss edits, host a meeting, or have an epic GIF battle.

Make every slide a conversation

Stop sending files back and forth. Create, edit, and review presentations with your entire team in real time or on your own time.

Keep projects on track

Manage presentations just like you manage projects. Set a status, delegate work to teammates, and celebrate successful outcomes.

Edit with ease

Our intuitive, minimalist editor works with you, helping you focus on what’s most important: your message. Creating something beautiful has never felt so simple.

Point. Click. Create.

If you’re not a designer, Pitch’s simple editing options will make you look (and feel) like one. If you are a designer, all the customizations you’d expect are right under the hood.

Format like a designer

Make quick updates without submitting a design request. Smart formatting options help anyone make precise updates in a flash.

Work at hyperspeed

Our quick menu transforms the way you work with your keyboard and mouse. Use powerful commands to add and position content, work with others, or manage your workspace.

Breathe life into your slides

Say bye-bye to boring, static slides. Pitch presentations help every idea stand out. Add depth to your decks with data, rich media, and interactive embeds.

Create immersive presentations

Why use screenshots when you can connect right to the source? Engage your audience with gorgeous images, videos, and embedded content. Pitch gives every idea space to shine.

Tell data-driven stories

Save hours when sharing insights. Connect Pitch with your data and keep charts and tables up to date with the latest information.

Take your ideas anywhere

Present on Zoom, in a room, or to the entire world. Pitch presentations live everywhere you need them. Manage who can see and edit your work, and get insights into what’s working.

Deliver wow-worthy presentations

Make every presentation one to remember. Stay on top of timing and talking points with speaker view.

Publish content everywhere

Put your ideas front and center. Share presentations on your website, in a blog post, or in your internal knowledge base.

Share always-up-to-date links

Save time (and your inbox) from endless drafts and feedback rounds by sharing a link instead of a file. Spot a typo? Your changes will sync everywhere instantly.

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Track and optimize your presentations

Analyze how content connects with your audience and make each presentation better than the last.

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