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Starting today, you can join top founders, brands, and creatives in publishing presentations to Pitch. Lead the discussion around topics you care about and get your work in front of your audience, whether you’re building your brand or hoping to generate leads. 

Update: Note that we’re no longer accepting applicants to the publishing beta. Keep an eye on What’s New for further news on presentation publishing.

Since we launched our presentation gallery last fall, creators have published beautiful, insightful decks on an array of topics important to fast-growing software companies and agencies. Through the gallery, creators have been able to showcase their work — and expand their outreach.

Now we’re moving presentation publishing into open beta, so anyone with a Pitch account can easily publish their best ideas. With this development, creators have more tools to publicly share their standout work and grow an online presence around it.

Build a profile for your decks

Once you join the beta, you’ll be prompted to create a public profile with a unique handle (ours is @pitch). Then, any presentation you publish will be automatically added to your profile. With all your decks in one place, this new channel unlocks more sharing options versus sending decks individually via public links. 

For example, if you’re an agency, your public profile becomes a great place to demonstrate a portfolio of work. You can build your brand by posting decks that your target market wants to see. Or you can use recordings to publish a series of decks, like classes in a course or chapters of a story. 

Publishing has other benefits too. For instance, when adding a deck, you can include descriptions for more context. Published presentations also have view counts that help your popular content stand out. Most importantly, your audience can now navigate between your published decks to discover (and consume) more of your work.

To convert this audience, you can add buttons on your profile that link to your social accounts, email, and website. Monika Ocieczek, Head of Product Design at Primer, was able to create an engaging presentation that prompted action. “Publishing a deck with recordings made it feel very personal,” she said. “Since it was published, I’ve hired multiple designers who all felt Primer was right for them after seeing the deck. It was really the perfect way to communicate our team’s design culture!”

“Since it was published, I’ve hired multiple designers who all felt Primer was right for them after seeing the deck.”

Get featured in our gallery

The presentation gallery is a dedicated frontpage for the best decks made in Pitch. Our team reviews all of the published presentations and features the most beautiful and insightful ones, as well as those that add value to our community. That might mean highlighting examples of effective sales decks, or content on relevant topics like product-led growth or building happy teams. 

You can increase your brand's visibility by providing useful content in the gallery. Sara Archer, VP Sales at ChartMogul, said of publishing to Pitch, “We’re always looking for new ways, alongside our product, to help teams measure and grow their revenue. Pitch’s presentation gallery gave us the space to publish guidance for teams forecasting in a product-led business. We’ve already had thousands of views on our first deck published in the beta.”

“We’ve already had thousands of views on our first deck published in the beta.”

Another way to capture this interest is to include links and call-to-actions in your decks. You have a wider audience at your fingertips, so why not turn those published presentations into interactive landing pages?

If you’re feeling stuck, browse the gallery for inspiration. The most successful decks often mix beautiful design with informative or thought-provoking content. 

Stand out in a collection

Collections are groups of decks in the presentation gallery that share similar themes, formats, or goals. We launched collections so that users looking for targeted inspiration can browse a range of content on a specific topic.

Appearing in a collection helps connect your work with an audience looking for more on that subject. If you share your expertise on running a product organization, for example, your deck could land in the popular Product Principles collection — and serve as a resource for product managers, designers, and engineers seeking guidance on how to build great products.

Collections also help shine a light on businesses and ideas that deserve to be seen. We were shocked that only 2% of venture capital goes toward women founders. So we created a Female-Founded Startups collection featuring pitch decks from over 100 incredible companies succeeding despite this bias. 

Think about how your presentation could add value within an existing collection. Clearly positioning your content will make it easier for our team to understand its potential fit. Alternatively, recommend a new collection in our community, and band together with others to publish presentations on a common theme!

Join the beta and share your ideas

Once you’ve joined the beta, you’ll see a new option in the Share menu labeled Publish to Follow the on-screen prompts to customize your public profile, and start sharing your decks with the world.

The future of publishing

There’s a lot more in store for publishing. We’re going to make it even easier for visitors to discover and interact with published presentations. And we have plans to make the process collaborative, so that multiple colleagues can design, approve, and publish decks together. 

If you have any feedback or you’d like to highlight a deck you’ve published, let us know, share it on social media, or join our community. We’re excited to see what you create!

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