10 aesthetic presentation templates for your next creative pitch

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Creating a presentation from scratch can be tough. On top of figuring out the content and structure of your deck, you need to keep your audience engaged with aesthetic designs and enticing visuals. That might be fine if you’re a designer — but if you’re not, or just don't have the time to build a creative deck, what do you do? 

Well for one, you don’t have to settle for generic slides. Pitch offers over 100 sleek presentation templates that you can customize to fit the look and feel of your brand. Here, we've narrowed it down to 10 aesthetic presentation templates you can use for your next creative pitch. From minimalistic designs to bold and colorful options, these themes will help you stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

1. Crayon

This funky, fresh Crayon template is all about good vibes. It’s filled with bright hues that add a dose of fun to any deck, and it’s versatile enough to use for nearly any kind of presentation. Whether you’re a designer pitching your next big idea, a data analyst showing your monthly stats, or a content creator discussing a brand proposal, this fun template has got you covered.

Slide tip: Is your presentation heavy on data and research? Use the slides showing various graphs and charts to emphasize your deck’s numbers. 

2. Made in the ‘90s

Were you born in the ’90s — or just really love the aesthetic? Let jazzy shapes, pastel colors, and grids bring your deck to life. Made in the ’90s was built to showcase your latest and greatest app or product idea. It’s got ample space for statistics, facts, and research, as well as summary slides to push the message of your product even further. 

Slide tip: If your product is lifestyle- or design-focused, show off its cool looks with the photo slides, which let you frame your product shots and illustrations in a creative way.  

3. Press kit 

If polished and elegant is more your thing — or if your branding is consistent across your product line — then the press kit template might be what you’re looking for. It’s modern and classy, with slides you can use to neatly summarize your company’s identity. Pitch your beauty, furniture, or food brand to potential customers or media outlets looking to feature the next best thing on their content platforms. 

Slide tip: Use the recognition slide to outline your brand or product’s awards and prizes in a clean list format. 

4. Investor update

Need to create a comprehensive deck to get your investors up to speed on your product or company? Our investor update template has everything to impress your financiers, from key metrics and numbers to outlining your business plan or marketing strategy. This minimalist but cheerful presentation theme will make preparing for your next investor presentation a seamless process.

Slide tip: Outline any product issues and solutions to address them on the product roadmap slide. Divide the year into quarters, and list what you’ve worked on and what you’ll be focusing on next. 

5. Creative brief

Building a new campaign from scratch can be daunting, but our creative brief template can help you kick it off with confidence. It provides a game plan for marketing professionals or agencies to summarize the essential details of any project. Use this presentation template to introduce your campaign, outline its design references and target audience, and address practicalities like the competition and deliverables.

Slide tip: Keep your team aligned on campaign deadlines with the timeline slide. Use it to set expectations — and stay on schedule. 

6. Design agency pitch deck

Decks presented by design agencies need to be visually appealing; they’re essentially a taste of what you can offer potential clients. Use this contemporary design agency pitch deck to showcase your agency, work, milestones, and new ideas. Created in collaboration with digital design lab Visuel Colonie, the presentation theme includes everything you'll need to successfully pitch a project to potential clients.

Slide tip: Display your rates cleanly and clearly with the pricelist slide, which summarizes your costs for different deliverables. 

7. Interior design proposal

Here’s another one from Visuel Colonie: the interior design proposal, an understated template for interior design businesses or agencies looking to pitch their work to new clients. The muted colors and harmonious design create a platform to engage your audience, whether you’re exhibiting your moodboard, portfolio, or rates. As always, you can also customize these slides according to your branding, icons, services, and expertise. 

Slide tip: Got a strategic workflow that’s key to your agency’s success? Include it on the “how we work” slide along with notes on your design process.  

8. Creative agency pitch deck

Looking for a template with a playful, modern design that’ll catch the eye of potential clients or partners? Try ThisIsHome Studio’s creative agency pitch deck, which features an eclectic color palette of contrasting hues of blue, orange, and sage green and includes slides to present your agency’s services and examples of your work. You can also introduce your company’s history, team, achievements, and testimonials to solidify a new collaborative relationship.

Slide tip: Summarize your budget and rates using the budget and pricing slides. You can break down each task and its costs into distinct tiers.

9. Communication plan

A solid communication strategy is an essential part of any brand’s newest announcement, product launch, or feature release. Get all your stakeholders on the same page with this brightly colored communication plan template. It has all the slides you need to cover everything from KPIs and brand voice to goals and timelines — and an uplifting pink and orange backdrop.

Slide tip: Budgets take the spotlight in many presentations, so it’s important to present them well. Use this template’s budget table to break down the items and costs in your campaign.    

10. Marketing plan

Align your team around your yearly marketing activities with a comprehensive marketing plan template that feels light and fun. Breeze through your competitor analysis, target audience, and goals, and lay out an action plan of what's required to reach your objectives.

Slide tip: Who is your brand or product’s target audience? With the customer persona slides, you can create in-depth profiles that detail user goals, preferred UI features, personalities, and more. 

Close design deals with these aesthetic presentation templates

Creating an effective and visually captivating deck is easy (and enjoyable) with the versatile templates from Pitch. Just sign up for a free Pitch account to start customizing your own presentation or collaborating on a deck together with your team members. No matter the nature of your work, these aesthetic templates will elevate your next presentation. For more design inspiration, check out the presentation templates in our gallery.

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